Ingreso Cybernetico is committed to the online business community to build strong and successful businesses and improve proficiency in business around the world.

We recognized the benefit of using digital transmission to deliver proficiency for business processes world-wide and insisted upon enhancing such transmissions using our products and services.

Using our mission, vision and strong partnerships, we will impact the business world through teaching, sharing and raising awareness of the need to evolve business tools, and adopt a high standard of ethics and practices beyond what has been taught in the past.


To establish Ingreso Cybernetico as the #1 standard as the supplier of online based tools/products and services for the home business industry around the world before the Spring of 2018.

Our vision includes taking the lead in creating a new culture using a high standard of ethics in all business practices that will change the view the home business industry globally.

We will increase the value of our company and our global portfolio, exceeding the expectations of our subscribers with an over-delivery of quality products and services of the highest quality.




Dwayne has spent his entire career learning about systems and how to help people find optimum solutions for their business problems. After leaving the corporate world in 2005 and getting his MBA from Strayer University in 2004, he took his visions for the future of browser based software to the international business community.

After years of developing successful business automation strategies for businesses and entrepreneurs, Dwayne sought out to create a solution that could benefit home business owners, and direct selling professionals. In 2012 Dwayne, along with with long term business partner Jatin Patel founded Ingresso Cybernetico which has provided continual success for tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world by giving them innovative browser based software tools that are used by even big corporations.

The popularity and feedback was so positive, it became necessary in 2015 to design a suite of tools (Genius Product Line), for internet marketers. Our systems give business owners a leg up and level the playing field between them any entrepreneur of any size any place in the world.

Dwayne is retained for consulting, speaking engagements and often requested to create new innovations for companies to market their business and improve their efficiency in corporate communications.



As the CIO Jatin not only has the education and years of experience, he also has been the creative lead for each of the the Ingreso Cybernetico products as well as other partnership development for other Dwayne Golden marketed projects since the day of conception. Jatin is the owns Nipeksha Web Solutions Pvt Ltd, and owner of a renowned firm elite programming and design. It is internationally recognized as a Top Scheduler and is responsible for creating some of the most successful sites on the Internet today.

It’s no surprize that Jatin is also the CIO and partner for DGAGlobal and the Genius product line for internet marketers. Together Jatin and Dwayne have influence on much of the software development for many direct selling and MLM companies around the world.

Jatin holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Pune in India (listed in the top 3 highest scores in that region of India). He specializes in Java, PHP,.Net, Javascript, Networking, C, C + +, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and Red Hat Certified.

Jatin is the CIO and Head of Programming Ingreso Cybernetico and oversees the design and programming teams, as well as the development and implementation of strategies IC techniques, including hardware infrastructure, network security and software development.